JDM Food Group Free-From Semi-Finalists

A business driven by flavour, JDM Food Group believes that what you eat matters!



  • Kirsty Fitzpatrick, Deli Lites - Banging Chicken
  • Lizzie Goodman, On A Roll Sandwich - Satay-ing Around for a Tasty Time
  • Kirsty Donaldson, Deli Lites - Satay-night Takeaway
  • Mel Walmsley, Lakes Sandwiches Me So Tahini
  • Rebecca Walker, Scotmid Co-operative - B Free to Sataysfy Your Hunger 


  • Kirsty Fonseca, Greencore - Nut Free Satay Burrito
  • Harry Dempster, Samworth Brothers - You're Tahikin the Mick
  • Barney Luxmoore, Jabberwocky - Satay Cheese Steak
  • Natasha Breene, Samworth Brothers - Satayrito
  • Chrissie Attewell, Samworth Brothers - Cha Chaan Teng


  • Kat Padgett, Around Noon - Beets & Greens
  • Kieran McGivern, Around Noon - Shakhura, Rock & Roll
  • James Burgess, Fresh Cut Foods - Pulled Spiced Lamb Turkish Flatbread
  • George Clifton, Samworth Brothers - Sex and the Satay
  • Edvinas Smgelskis, Samworth Brothers - Satay Prawn in the Sea Shell


With roots in the import and supply of fresh Garlic & Ginger but now, with a series of wide-ranging on-site capabilities, JDM Food Group pride themselves on a reputation for supplying high-quality, added value, delicious solutions. 

JDM Food Group bring an exciting new challenge to this year’s competition, as they want contestants to consider the free-from market, creating an enticing  recipe using either their Sesame Free Green Tahini Style Paste or their Nut Free Satay Style Paste.