Futura Foods Gorgonzola Piccante Semi-Finalists

Futura Foods are the UK’s Mediterranean dairy specialists.



  • Alice Singleton, Booths - Gorgonzola, Pear & Prosciutto Sandwich
  • Kirsty Fitzpatrick, Deli Lites - Honey, I'm Feeling Blue
  • Rebecca Walker, Scotmid Co-operative - The Ulysses Stack
  • Phil Thompson, Sandwich King - Go Go Gorgonzola
  • Kirsty Donaldson, Deli Lites - Churr'up You're Feeling Blue


  • Kirsty Fonseca, Greencore - Gorgonzola with Parma Ham
  • Harry Dempster, Samworth Brothers- The Gorgonzoughnut
  • Chrissie Attewell, Samworth Borthers - There's Always Next Thyme
  • Barney Luxmoore, Jabberwocky - Sabre Steak
  • Lee Willimson, Gosh Foods - Gorgonzola with Candied Bacon, Pear & Walnut Pesto


  • Jasveen Rajput, Evertaste - Whipped Gorgonzola & Bresalola Focaccia
  • Nyani Labrasse, Soho Sandwich Co - Revenge of the Gorgon-Zola Toastie
  • Stephen Jordan Bird, Samworth Brothers - Gorgon-rola-zola
  • George Clifton, Samworth Brotthers - GianFranco Gorgon-Zola
  • James Burgess, Fresh Cut Foods - Salt Beef & Gorgonzola Waldorf


Futura Foods Gorgonzola Piccante is produced in the Lombardy region of Italy to a PDO recipe. The cheese is matured for longer and is therefore stronger and more piquant. As well as having a firmer and more crumbly texture, it is savoury, tangy and extremely versatile for delivering punchy flavours.

Contestants are encouraged to explore complimentary ingredients, alternative cuisines, different carriers and application methods to elevate the cheese.

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